All About Chic

Hello all! Here is just a little information about myself, so that you know the person behind your purchase. I was born and raised in Birmingham, AL, where I am now a mother to a wonderful little girl, and a child care provider. I think I have the best support system in the world between family, and friends. I also love to dance, crafting, and watching Marvel movies.

I have always been into thrifting vintage and modern pieces since 2007. DUring middle school I loved to go to thrift stores and would be looking for different things to make me stand out or something outside of what everyone else was wearing at the time. Now, that passion has now grown into a business.

Chic Gems are exactly what I look for you as my customer. When I find different pieces in thrift stores I want you to feel a sense of elevation in your wardrobe. Looking stylish, and making a statement is what I think fashion is all about. I hope as you shop with me, that you are able to find your gem. Keep shining bright!

If there are any questions, please email me at